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Sunday, January 2, 2011

long time no see... long long time

so it's been way too long... I guess there were a lot of days that I just didn't feel up to posting and many days when I had too much to say and didn't know how to start.

I'm a couple of months out from chemo now...

My last two PET/CT scans have been completely clear of activity... thank... well, just thanks to everything

I have to keep getting scans every six months for the next two years and I'm keeping my port in so I have to go get that flushed every so often.

It's so strange, it feels like it all happened to someone else, I have trouble believing that I went through all that. I'm glad I kept my photos of the experience on my facebook and I really should go back and gather up the status updates. I should think more about writing it all down... could I write a book? I really don't know.

It's a brand new year and I hope to goodness that it's going to be a better one... I'm on my way to being well and the marina is FINALLY on the way to being rebuilt.

I don't really have a resolution for the new year but I've decided that my main focus should be on getting healthy, including losing weight and getting stronger.

I don't ever want to play this cancer game again, and I want to be able to have a baby... right now my biggest problem is that the ovarian cyst that was 2ish inches before treatment is apparently the size of a freaking grapefruit now... sigh, it's always something. My joints and such, especially my hips are hurting again now that I'm not getting all those steroids in treatment.

I know that so much of this could be helped by taking better care of myself.

My questions this year should always be "is this the healthy thing for me? What can I do to make myself stronger and better?"

I had a sonic burger, tater tots and a cherry coke for dinner... which certainly does not fit with my healthy goal... and the tater tots were not good. bleah. So this needs to mark the last time I indulge in that meal, and it's good to remember that it wasn't much of an indulgence as it wasn't yummy enough to justify its unhealthiness.

So... onward into the breach... or something like that. Good luck folks, hopefully we won't need as much this year.

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